Well, here’s the first post for Minimal FIRE!

This has taken substantial effort and, to some extent, being comfortable with documenting my journey, lifestyle and future on Minimal FIRE! I also wanted to quantify the ‘substantial effort’, as this site isn’t a simple “click a button and go” style blog. I’ve been (slowly) teaching myself to code 💻. I’ve been experimenting with Hugo (Go), JavaScript, CSS and deployment pipelines. It’s been fun (and frustrating 😤) learning how to build a site/blog with a CMS and create a few functions of my own!

Minimal FIRE echos a value of simplicity, with just a few pages on the site. I feel this embraces the true sense of Minimalism, each page should really have a purpose and add value 🌟.

What’s in store?

It seems that there is a whole load of information to also consider 😅:

  • In-depth analytical posts?
  • Short, brief snippets of info?
  • Experiments and results?
  • Frequency?

My passions are minimalism 😌, financial independence 💰 and exploring new things ⛰️ (including lifestyle hacks and improvements). I guess this starts a flexible future for Minimal FIRE, where I can determine what brings value to the site and readers. Strangely, it may also hold me to account with future lifestyle experiments! Perhaps some of the topics I may test first:

  • Minimalism
  • Financial Independence
  • Lifestyle Experiments
  • Adventure
  • Food
  • Work
  • Health
  • Mental health
  • Fitness.

For now, I’ll focus on improving behind the scenes and start writing more interesting content, expect more soon! 🔮