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New year resolutions and minimalism

Approaching new year resolutions, differently It’s that time of year, time to set ambitious goals for 2021 right? It’s time to stretch yourself, especially after the year that 2020 has been. Well, this is up-to-you if you so choose. Minimalism may be something that you have been considering for 2021.

How to declutter your home: 10 tips to get started

What is clutter? The description “clutter” will mean different things to different people. To me, clutter is anything that does not serve a purpose. It’s ‘stuff’ that doesn’t add meaningful value and doesn’t have a designated place in my house. People define clutter as different things.

Discovering minimalism and financial independence

Minimalism & i Life is a constant evolution; my journey into minimalism started in early 2019. I wouldn’t have described myself as a maximalist before 2019 either. Exploring minimalism has changed my life and it’s still changing my future. What is Minimalism? The interpretation of minimalism is personal.


Well, here’s the first post for Minimal FIRE! This has taken substantial effort and, to some extent, being comfortable with documenting my journey, lifestyle and future on Minimal FIRE! I also wanted to quantify the ‘substantial effort’, as this site isn’t a simple “click a button and go” style blog.